Warning: you are viewing ancient history. I am leaving these pages up as courtesy to anyone looking, but these projects are long since abandoned.
Screenshot under GNUstep on Linux
Screenshot under Mac OS X

Welcome to the (hopefully more permanent) webpage for, an AOL Instant MessengerSM and ICQ client for GNUstep.

Source code

Grouch is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2.  It requires GNUstep Renaissance.

Mac OS X binaries

Universal binaries.  Requires Mac OS 10.3 for PPC or 10.4 for Intel.  The tar file also includes source code.

Using ICQ

Grouch can also work with ICQ, although results may vary and features may be missing.  Set the server to "" and log in with your UIN.

TODO list
  • Finish GUI.  This includes:
    • Sounds
    • Font preferences

  • Finish OSCAR protocol code

    • Error handling for add buddy
    • Better ICQ support
      • Contact list authorization
      • Offline messages
      • ICQ style profiles
      • ICQ style away/DND

  • Write documentation on how to create a protocol bundle.
  • Fix on Win32

Possible problems with GNUstep exposed by Grouch

Some of these could be bugs in Grouch, or bugs in GNUstep.  Not exactly sure.

  • NSAttributedString problems
    • Underlining does not seem to work.
    • Mac OS X features not present.
      • NSStrikethroughStyleAttributeName not present.
      • NSCursorAttributeName not present.
      • NSToolTipAttributeName not present.

  • NSWorkspace-openURL: not supported. (Workaround present)

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